Zeolite Cluster

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Zeolites are a complex group of crystals that are formed over many centuries from volcanic ash, rock, and alkaline ground water. “Pure” zeolites are rare as they naturally fuse to metals, minerals, and quartz varieties in the creation process. This combination of earth elements creates a stone with a wide color spectrum including white, peach, blue, green, or grey.

Zeolites are generally found on the matrix, most of the time, combined with other crystals such as apophyllite, prehnite, pectolite, okenite, stilbite, natrolite, chabazite, analcime, scolecite or thomsonite. Zeolites’ high water content can be used to purify and detox your body from destructive and addictive behaviors. Water has the ability to cleanse our higher self to release emotional toxins. It’s said that if you work closely with zeolite, you will experience a sensation of rebirth and renewal in the areas of your life where it’s needed the most.

Zeolites also have the ability to align the chakras, banishing self-doubt and encouraging fluidity between the lower and upper chakras. You can call on zeolite to increase self-awareness in order to create your ideal reality. Zeolite is said to be a carrier of Akashic Records, the recordings of your past lives, the present, and all that will happen in the future. Accessing your Akashic Records with an open heart gives insight into past traumas. If we are able to understand who we were in the past, healing can begin in the present, and wisdom will be shared with our future self.

Zeolites are one of the lesser-known gardeners’ stone. Bury zeolites near any crop to rid negativity and encourage a bountiful harvest. Burying a zeolite in the earth not only cleanses the garden, but in return, the soil cleanses the stone. You can also purify a zeolite by holding it under cold running water, preferably from a stream or river.

Zeolite Cluster