Serpentine Rough

Serpentine Rough

Serpentine stone is said to get its name from its green, scale-like appearance, not unlike the snake. Snakes have long been associated with knowledge, prophecy and the rise of kundalini energy. This mysterious stone has a firm yet gentle quality. Its a helpful crystal when dealing with issues concerning the past. If you need to confront someone from a former life, carry serpentine in your pocket as it will help your voice and body language exclude a gentle tone.

Serpentine balances the 5th and 7th chakras, the throat and crown. This stone helps clear chakra stagnancy by finding new pathways of advancement. Serpentine vibrates to the number 8 and can be used in crystal gridding to achieve goals related to strength, immortality and karma.

Serpentine acts as a gentle massage for all your muscle aches and pains. Perfect for athletes, physical laborers or those who carry stress in their hips or shoulders.  Simply place over tense muscles and breathe.

Cleanse serpentine with smoke from a holy wood, resin or herb. Charge under the full moon, or in a bowl of clear quartz crystals.