Book of Spirits

Ghosts, guides, fairies, goddesses and gods may seem mysterious, but these entities have been appearing in our lives since the beginning. Their names have been showing up in children’s literature, ghost stories and folklore for generations. Before that, some were deities worshipped by indigenous cultures whose voices were silenced and often forgotten. In modern day they inspire medical terminology, the names of pharmaceutical drugs and advertisements. These spirits are the friends of witches, intuitives, fortune-tellers and those who have visited other realms. 

Their story may have evolved over time, perhaps the spelling of the name changed and the pronunciation no longer correct, but they should be honored just the same. Petition them at thresholds and ask them to point you in the right direction when at crossroads. Share with them your secrets and listen to your intuition when asking for favors. Look for answers in dreams, in symbols or in meditation. 

Relationships with spirits should be mutually beneficial; you both will work for what you receive. 

This book serves as an introduction to 50 of our favorite spirits. 

We encourage you to research, bond and respect the spirits that speak to you.