Magickal Crystals Booklet

Magickal Crystals Booklet

This booklet contains information on over 50 crystals including their related element, what chakra(s) they work best with, and their healing properties. 


Citrine   "The Merchant's Stone"

Masculine. Fire. 3rd Chakra.

Perhaps one of the most well-known stones to stimulate the solar plexus, Citrine has the ability to power through 3rd Chakra blockages such as laziness and lack of motivation. For those who have great ideas but lack the willpower to follow through, place this stone between your naval and sternum. Commonly referred to as the Merchant's Stone Citrine's ability to increase abundance is well known by business owners and others who regularly handle money. Place a piece of Citrine in your wallet or in a cash drawer to increase finances