Talisman Bag // Love & Light

Talisman Bag // Love & Light

Medicine bags are common in many ancient cultures and were used to carry items believed to hold magical properties. Healers, Shamans & common folk alike kept talisman bags & amulets close by when traveling and in prominent places in the home. 

Love & Light Talisman

  • This handmade faux leather sachet includes Smokey Quartz, Rose Quartz, & Black Agate. A tiny vial holds Mugwort & Mandrake Root; two of the most potent magical herbs. 
  • Smoky Quartz strengthens the process of emotional healing towards better balance & wholeness of mind. This stone aids in detoxing and shielding from negative energies as well as alleviates the effects of stress & strain. 
  • Rose Quartz opens the heart and encourages unconditional love. Great in working through loss, grief, uncertainty, trauma, heartache. Helps in creating space for forgiveness, acceptance, and growth. 
  • Black Agate has been used since ancient times by Shamans and healers for protection. This stone helps build a psychic shield as it  dissolves negative energies and forces.