Plant Spirits Kit

Plant Spirits Oils are said to capture the true essence and spirit of a specific plant. Plant Spirit Oils not only harness the botanical properties of the plant, but also the spirit, nature, and "personality" of its roots. Use as an anointing oil, temple oil, or wrist perfume to channel the specific properties, as you find you need them.

Lavender Flower Spirit: Call upon this plant spirit when you are in need of calming breath, focus and a soft hand on your shoulder. Lavender is known as a powerful meditation herb and acts as a wise grandmother, reminding us to take a breath and slow down.

Pine Tree Spirit: Trees are the keepers of earth, as they are the oldest of our plant ancestors. The stories they could tell, if only they could speak. Call upon your Tree Spirit when you are in need of strength, grounding, and the ability to dig deep. Tree Spirits act as our guides, reminding us that no matter the weather or storm, we can and will remain standing. 

Rosemary Herb Spirit: Herb Spirits are the spice of life and bring diversity and change to out worlds. Call upon your Herb Spirit when you are seeking change, a new path, or a nudge in the right direction. Herb Spirits act as an old friend extending a hand, encouraging us to take a breath and take a leap of faith. 

Kit includes lavender flower spirit, pine tree spirit, rosemary herb spirit, and a small bag for you to store your spirits for travel or safekeeping.