And all at once, summer collapsed into fall.

- Oscar Wilde

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Goddess Series: Cerridwen
A Celtic Goddess of the cauldron, Cerridwen was the embodiment of the great transformative power of the cauldron itself—the alchemical vessel through which the ordinary becomes the magical. While known by many as a shapeshifting Goddess, Cerridwen most popularly represented...
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Storytime: The Myth of Achilles
Our story begins with Thetis, a sea nymph, and eventual mother to Achilles. It is said that her beauty and charms were so great that it drew both Zeus and Poseidon into a struggle for her hand. That was, until...
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Storytime: The Myth of the Amazons
Our story takes place in Anatolia (or Asia Minor)—a region located in the western end of Asia. And it was there, on the banks of the Thermodon River, that lived a tribe of ancient female warriors known as the Amazons....
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